Simple test of CAR component


We here provide a way to test the basic fonctionality of CAR component:

– the only input is provided by the ASUS Xtion pro live RGBD camera

– no output from the CAR component: no connection to Dem@Care websrevices and no recording of the video is made


Download this config file to do the test SimpleConfigFile

to the location of your choice e.g. /home/username/Downloads/SimpleConfigFile

And run CAR:

> /usr/local/inria/sup/bin/sup-Demcare_CAR /home/username/Downloads/ConfigFile/ /path_for_the_recorded_videos/

This application takes as

  1. first parameter the CAR executable.
  2. second parameter the location of the Configuration folder.
  3. third parameter (OPTIONAL) the location where to record the compressed videos
    1. Remove this argument if you do not wish to record any videos
    2. Videos are recorded only when there is activity in the scene
    3. Add the argument -no_rgb_recording if you do wish to record only depth and not rgb content (e.g. in Nursing Home case)

You should see on the CAR windows detected bounding boxes around people with detected postures and events.

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