How to check your Dem@Care system configuration

Dem@care system configuration

1 – Network configuration :

To have a network connection between both machines, you need to :

  • Set up a static IP address on the Windows machine (Dem@care system) to IP =
  • Set up an IP address on the Fedora machine (CAR component) to the same network (e.g.

A – Set up the IP for the PC :

On Windows machine :

Open Network Connections in the Control Panel (or directly ncpa.cpl),

Then, edit the properties of your Network Interface (e.g. Local Area Connection) :

Use the following IP address for the IPv4 Properties :

IP address :
Subnet mask :

On Fedora machine (As root) :

To set up an IP address until the next reboot :

ifconfig p1p1
ifdown p1p1 && ifup p1p1

To fix the IP configuration, you can also edit the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-p1p1 with the following content :


B – Test the communication between CAR component and Dem@care system :

Connect directly the Windows machine to the Fedora machine by crossover cable ou by using a network switch.

Run the configuration by running the following command :

from the Windows machine :


from the Fedora machine :

ping -c 4

The result should be different than 100% packet loss.

2 – System configuration for CAR :

Edit the content of :

About the network configuration (line 22) :

##### ComplexActivityRecognition - CAR #####
# folderLocationCAR=C:\\DEM@CARE\\INRIA_components\\
# Put the IP and the port to access of the CAR computer

About the CAR webservice (line 93) :

# CAR service
#complexActivityRecognitionService.address =
complexActivityRecognitionService.address =

Once your system and network configuration is done, run Dem@care system :

We have run the DEM@CARE.bat executable in the ‘C:/Dem@Care’ folder  on the Windows machine and we obtained these messages:



Make sure the parameters fit your system settings. Go to the configuration file in the downloaded packages i.e. /path_of_the_downloaded_rpm/ConfigFile_CHUNICE_EXMF_v2b/ and change the following:

  • in appParameters.txt : if you installed your SQL database in a different PC than the PC hosting the CAR component, then change the dbHost from localhost ( to the IP of the machine hosting the SQL database.
  • in DescriptionBasedEventRecognition/EventRecognitionParameters.xml : change the parameter OperatorPluginPath content to /usr/local/inria/sup/extralibs. Set the parameter saveXML3File to false to avoid recording extra information trivial for Dem@Care users.


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