Compressed RGBD video recorder

Testing the video data recorder

To test the CAR component writer that records compressed video (depth + rgb) stream, create a directory where to save your data:

> mkdir /home/asusdata

You can launch the writer as follows:

> cd /usr/local/inria/sup/bin

> ./sup-3DSensor_writer /home/asusdata/

WARNING: If this does not work, try to launch under administrator ( > su )

The writer takes as input parameter the main folder location (e.g. /home/asusdata/)

If you obtain a segmentation fault error, make sure you followed the steps in section ‘Resolving library paths’ of this link If the error persists, please send us the answer of the ldd command on this executable.

You need to manually stop the writer when you do not wish to record anymore. This can be done by pressing the escape key or by pressing CTRL+C

For the Kreat-tool (see section below on Kreat tool), you just need one video frame (colour and depth) recorded, so you can stop this executable after a few seconds by typing CTRL + C. The images should be written inside the directory you gave as 1st parameter (i.e. /home/asusdata/).

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