Compressed RGBD data stucture

Data structure

The CAR component provides one application called ‘sup-3DSensor_writer’ to continuously write compressed data into local hard drive. The CAR component provides also one application called ‘example-sup-depthDataFlowReader’ to read the saved data.

The structure of the saved data will be as follows



The mainfolder is the one the user created (e.g. /home/asusdata), the sub-folders ‘year-month-day’, ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ will be automatically created by the CAR data writer application. For instance, assuming the time is the 10th of July 2013, 10.13 am and we start recording until 11.58 am we will obtain such data structure:




One video frame consists of 5 files: 2 jpegs + 1 rle + 1 ref + 1err. For a framerate of 8fps, you will obtain 2400 files per ‘minute’ folder.

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