Team members

Permanent researchers (PIs)

Junior research members


  • Léo Grinsztajn – PhD Student. Working on neural networks for tabular and relational data.
  • Alexandre Perez – PhD Student. Working on supervised learning in the presence of missing values and assessment of classification confidences through calibration and grouping loss.
  • Félix Lefebvre – PhD Student. Working on large-scale graph-embedding methods to represent large relational stores.
  • Samuel Girard – PhD Student. Reinforcement learning in education.
  • Julie Alberge – PhD Student. Modeling trajectories of diabetic patients from AP-HP.
  • Jovan Stojanovic – PhD Student. Targeting Strategies in Political Networks: machine-learning insights on Twitter data.



  • Jérôme Dockès – Research software engineer. Working on skrub.


  • Marie Generali – Fairness in educational data mining
  • Sébastien Melot – Grouping losses
  • Célestin Eve

Group photo 2023

Research Team Assistant

  • Ekaterina “Katia” George


  • Samuel Brasil de Alburquerque – Working on diabetes epidemiology from observational health informatics.
  • Alexis Cvetkov-Iliev – Working on statistical analysis across relational databases with embeddings.
  • Bénédicte Colnet – Working on causal inference, with a focus on assessing randomized controlled trials’ external validity.
  • Julien Jerphanion – Research software engineer. Core developer to scikit-learn since 2021.
  • Lilian Boulard – Software engineering apprentice. Working on skrub.
  • Matthieu Doutreligne – Working on transfer learning and causal inference for public health, in partnership with HAS.
  • Tomas Rigaux – Research engineer. Working on recommendations for the job market.

Scikit-learn team

Soda hosted the core scikit-learn development team up to 2024.

  • Arturo Amor-Quiroz – Research software engineer and PhD in physics. Focused on the scikit-learn documentation.
  • Jérémie du Boisberranger – Research software engineer and physicist. Core developer to scikit-learn since 2019.
  • Franck Charras – Research software engineer. Working on a GPU programming project, within a partnership with Intel®.
  • Vincent Maladière – Research software engineer, focusing on data wrangling, survival analysis, and MLOps. Working on scikit-learn, skrub, and hazardous. Collaboration on health data with AP-HP.
  • Loïc Estève – Research software engineer and physicist. Core developer to scikit-learn since 2016.
  • Olivier Grisel – Research software engineer. Core developer to scikit-learn since 2010.
  • François Goupil – Research software engineer.  Animates our community, manages the operations of the consortium and the relationship with our patrons
  • Guillaume Lemaître – Research software engineer. Core developer to scikit-learn since 2017.

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