AiryscanJ software

AiryscanJ is a software to reconstruct high resolution images from the Airyscan raw array detector images. AiryscanJ contains 5 reconstructions methods. The Pseudo-confocal reconstruction sum the central detectors to reconstruct a confocal like image. The ISM reconstruction co-register and sum the detectors to obtain a higher resolution image. IFED and ISFED combine the raw and co-registered detectors to obtain an image with higher resolution than ISM. Finally a method using deconvolution allow to get the highest resolution.

Software distribution

The AiryscanJ software core is developped in C/C++ and is wrapped into a Fiji Plugin. You can download the Fiji package here


S. Prigent, S. Dutertre, C. Kervrann: EMPIRICAL SURE-GUIDED MICROSCOPY SUPER-RESOLUTION IMAGE RECONSTRUCTION FROM CONFOCAL MULTI-ARRAY DETECTORS. Proc. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech,and Signal Processing (ICASSP’20), Barcelona, May 2020.

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