Mixcam Software

Screenshot from 2015-08-31 14:11:23The Mixcam Software has been developed over the two past years, by the engineers of the Perception team :

The software is dedicated to the Mixcam Laboratory.
The software provides an easy-to-use interface to researchers for 3D reconstruction algorithms/visualization and multiple cameras  data acquisitions.


  • Acquistions & Calibration :

    Users can easily proceed to multiple cameras records, and calibrate the cameras systems.


  • 3D Reconstruction :

    3D reconstruction algorithms can be directly applied on the recorded data.


  • Visualization :

    The 3D visualization window included in the software provides different display mode.

Faces Openfilecomputenormal Openfile3d
Textured model visualization Shaded model visualization 3D screen compatibility


  • Live Mode :

    A live mode allows you to display the reconstruction results in real-time (depending on the algorithms processing time).


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