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Plateforme Urbaine de Mobilité Avancée et Soutenable.

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Project Acronym: PUMAS
Start Date: November 2009
End Date: October 2012
Duration: 36 months
Project Status: In execution
Project Cost:  4,5 M€
Project Funding:  2 M€
Project Source: FUI


Partners N° Partners name   Country
1 (coord.) Egis France   France
2 Inria   France
3 Induct   France
4 Intempora   France
5 Sodit  Retired France
6 Armines   France
7 INSA Rouen   France
8 Esigelec   France

LaRA members involved

IMARA’s contribution

IMARA is responsible for the development of the trafic reconstruction platform using the belief propagation algorithm (developed also in Travesti).

People involved

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