Alexandre This


CIFRE Ph.D. student in Applied Mathematics, LJLL – UPMC (Paris) / Philips Research

Ph.D project : Image / Numerical models fusion for the quantification of the severity of Mitral Valve Regurgutation
Ph.D director : Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau
Co-Supervision :  Miguel Ángel Fernández (INRIA), Hernán G. Morales (Philips), Odile Bonnefous (Philips)

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  • Seminar and Workshops
    • Oral presentation at the Living Heart Project annual meeting, April 4-5 2018, Dassault, Velizy, France
    • Oral presentation in the “Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of the Cardiovascular System” workshop, April 16-19 2018, Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica (INdAM), Roma, Italy

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