MoSART accepted in Frontiers in Robotics and AI

MoSART accepted in Frontiers in Robotics an AI – Virtual Environment thanks to Guillaume Cortes


G. Cortes, E. Marchand, G. Brincin, A. Lécuyer. MoSART: Mobile Spatial Augmented Reality for 3D Interaction with Tangible Objects. Frontiers in Robotics and AI – Virtual Environments, To appear, 2018. details doi pdf


In this paper we introduce MoSART, a novel approach for Mobile Spatial Augmented Reality on Tangible objects. MoSART is dedicated to mobile interaction with tangible objects in single or collaborative situations. It is based on a novel “all-in-one” Head-Mounted Display including a projector (for the SAR display) and cameras (for the scene registration). Equipped with the HMD the user is able to move freely around tangible objects and manipulate them at will. The system tracks the position and orientation of the tangible 3D objects and projects virtual content over them. The tracking is a feature-based stereo optical tracking providing high accuracy and low latency. A projection mapping technique is used for the projection on the tangible objects which can have a complex 3D geometry. Several interaction tools have also been designed to interact with the tangible and augmented content, such as a control panel and a pointer metaphor, which can benefit as well from the MoSART projection mapping and tracking features. The possibilities offered by our novel approach are illustrated in several use cases, in single or collaborative situations, such as for virtual prototyping, training or medical visualization.

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