Claude Castelluccia

Claude Castelluccia, Research Director, Inria, founding-member of the Privatics Group, member and co-founder of the UGA Data and cybersecurity institutes, (non-funded) member of the Grenoble AI institute (MIAI). I am teaching at the University Grenoble Alps (CS and Law departments), Skema business school (Sophia Antipolis) and SciencePo Paris. I am also a privacy commissioner at the CNIL (French DPA) since 2021.

Main research interests

  • Data privacy and Surveillance: Online services are increasingly collecting our personal data for various kinds of profiling and targeting. How can science and technology help preventing ubiquitous surveillance?
  • Manipulation and Cognitive security: AI is currently used to influence/manipulate decisions/opinions. How can science help  understanding and preventing these new threats against human autonomy and democracy.
  • Trusted and Ethical Algorithmic Decision Systems (ADS) (security, privacy, fairness, explainability, …): AI is more and more used to make decisions about Humans (predictive health, justice, police,…). How can we build ADS that respects humanity and Human Rights?


Scientific Publications

Current Phd Students


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