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Apple devices are leaking sensitive data over BLE

By Guillaume Celosia and Mathieu Cunche Discontinued Privacy: Personal Data Leaks in Apple Bluetooth-Low-Energy Continuity Protocols Summary We found that Apple devices are leaking sensitive information in the BLE wireless signals they emit. Those issues are associated with the Apple Continuity services and are affecting all Apple devices as well as devices compatible with the …

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Disabling Wi-Fi is not always enough to avoid tracking

[EN:] Users carrying a mobile device with their Wi-Fi enabled are exposed to unsollicited Wi-Fi tracking in the physical world. Disabling Wi-Fi on one’s phone seems to be a solution to escape such tracking. Some Wi-Fi trackers even suggest users who don’t want to be track to turn off Wi-Fi. In fact, disabling Wi-Fi on …

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Vincent Roca talking about Geolocation Data [Radio] [French]

Vincent Roca talking about geolocation data on France Culture Radio: “Géolocalisation, combien se vendent nos trajets ?” Listen here.

Best paper award at Information Security Conference (ISC 2015)

A research paper co-authored by Daniel Le Métayer (Privatics) has received the Best Paper Award at the Information Security Conference (ISC 2015). Reasoning about privacy properties of biometric system architectures in the presence of information leakage Julien Bringer, Hervé Chabanne, Danie Le Métayer and Roch Lescuyer

Facebook, n’en fais pas une affaire de données personnelles ! Article de C. Castelluccia et A. Chaabane dans InaGlobal

Claude Castelluccia et Abdelberi Chaabane, membres de l’équipe Privatics, parlent des problèmes de vie privée dans les réseaux sociaux dans un article publié dans InaGlobal. C’est à lire ici :

Comment protéger sa vie privée sur Internet

De récentes révélations ont mis en évidence des programmes de surveillance à grande échelle. Nous présentons ici un guide permettant aux utilisateurs soucieux de leur vie privée de se prémunir des menaces qui pèsent sur leurs informations personnelles. Ce guide se présente sous la forme d’une liste d’outils logiciels ou services qui permettent d’empêcher ou …

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PhD positions opening at INRIA-Privatics

We have three PhD positions available for highly motivated students interested in privacy. For more information, see the job section : jobs.

First results of the Mobilitics project

Last week, Inria and CNIL (french data protection agency) have published the first results of the Mobilitics project. This collaborative project between CNIL and Inria Privatics team aims to investigate privacy concerns for smartphone users. Those results shows that mobile application are accessing private information more than necessary. CNIL’s website (fr): Voyage au cœur des smartphones …

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Seminar on Software Define Radio, Security and Hacking

Seminar on Software Define Radio, security and hacking at CITI Lab (INSA-Lyon) – 13/03/2013, 14h – TD E. [link] Relay Attacks on Passive Keyless Entry and Start Systems in Modern Cars (Aurélien Francillon – EURECOM) On security aspects of ADS-B and other “flying” technology (Andrei Costin – EURECOM)

Privatics new website

Following the official creation of the Privatics team, here come a brand new website. The website is powered by WordPress and uses the Inria’s custom Graphene template.