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The PRIMA group was first formed in 1986 as the computer vision and mobile robotics team of the UMR LIFIA-IMAG, with a research objective of developing theories and techniques for integration of perception, action, cognition and man-machine interaction for autonomous robotic systems. During the 1990’s, the team has turned its attention towards interactive smart environments. Over the years the group has evolved a scientific vision of the smart environment as a form of inside-out autonomous robot interacting with its inhabitants.

PRIMA has joined the INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes Centre de Recherche in 1998. After a period as an INRIA “equipe-centre”, the team has obtained the status of INRIA Project-Team in 2003. The team is currently completing its third (and final) 4-year period as an INRIA Project team.  A proposal to create a new project team to address emerging problems related to interaction with pervasive computing systems has been submitted in January 2014 under the name “Pervasive Interaction”.  This new project team has been proposed to replace the existing PRIMA project starting on 1 January 2016. 

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