Hybrid interactive spaces (paper/digital) for collective pedagogical activities.

Computer tools are entering schools. They opens up interesting perspectives for many activities (e.g. documentary research on the web). On the other hand, current technological devices (computers, tablets, interactive whiteboards) are poorly suited to group activities, as well as to learning activities where physical involvement plays an important role.

We propose hybrid environments that mix physical elements (paper, pencils) with digital elements projected within the seamless workspace. In this way, students can work actively and collectively, as they would in a purely physical space, while benefiting from the opportunities offered by digital technology (e.g. saving, using multimedia data, copy and paste…).

This work is being carried out as part of the e-FRAN e-TAC project, in collaboration with the University of Lorraine. The interactive spaces that we are developing are the result of an iterative design work in collaboration with teachers and students associated with the project.


eTac prototype from Potioc on Vimeo.



Philippe Giraudeau, Alexis Olry, Joan Sol Roo, Stéphanie Fleck, David Bertolo, et al.. CARDS: A Mixed-Reality System for Collaborative Learning at SchoolACM ISS’19 – ACM International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces, Nov 2019, Deajon, South Korea. Honorable Mention Award.

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