More information on this software can be found here : PlugDB

PlugDB is a complete platform dedicated to a secure and ubiquitous management of personal data. It aims at providing an alternative to a systematic centralization of personal data. This platform combines several research contributions from the team, at the crossroads of flash data management, embedded data processing and secure distributed computations.

The PlugDB engine is a personal database server capable of storing data (tuples and documents) in tables and BLOBs, indexing them, querying them in SQL, sharing them through assertional access control policies and enforcing transactional properties (atomicity, integrity, durability). The PlugDB engine is embedded in a tamper-resistant hardware device combining the security of smartcard with the storage capacity of NAND Flash. The personal database is hosted encrypted in NAND Flash and the PlugDB engine code runs in the microcontroller.

Complementary modules allow to communicate with the DBMS from remote programs (JDBC and ODBC drivers are available), synchronize local data with remote servers (typically used for recovering the database in the case of a broken or lost devices) and participate in distributed computation (e.g., global queries).

PlugDB runs both on secure devices provided by the secure smart objects manufacturers (like Gemalto), and on specific secure devices designed by our team (see figure below) and assembled by any electronic SME. Mastering the hardware platform opens up new research and experiment opportunities (e.g., we have integrated a Bluetooth module to communicate wirelessly with PlugDB and a fingerprint module to strongly authenticate users) and allows us to engage ourselves in an Open-SW/open-HW initiatives.

PlugDB has been experimented in the field in the health care domain and a product developped by Hippocad, and based on PlugDB, is currently deployed in the Yvelines Distrinct in France.

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