PhD positions

Open PhD position: Secure Data Management Using Isolation Mechanisms

Grant type: INRIA or CIFRE

Thesis overview: With the recent advances of Personal Cloud (OwnCloud, CozyCloud, etc.), it becomes apparent that complex treatments on decentralized sensitive personal data are crucial both in terms of security and functionality. There is an inherent tension between the necessity of operating complex treatments (for example obtainining recommandation based on friends preferences) which are necessary for the wide adoption of Personal Cloud, and the need for security. Good candidates for resolving this tension are the recently introduced isolation and attestion mechanisms backed up by secure hardware (e.g. TrustZone, SGX). These mechanisms offer ways to combine both provable security and efficient complex treatments. In this PhD we will study data management techniques allowing for complex treatments (e.g., deep learning) on highly sensitive data distributed amongst a large number of nodes. In particular we will investigate provably secure solutions based on isolation and attestation mechanisms.


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