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The Popeye+ audiovisual head is a follow-up of Popeye. Popeye+ is built around an acoustic dummy head mounted on a tripod and supporting binaural hearing (two microphones plugged into the ears) and binocular vision (a stereoscopic camera pair with a wide field of view). Popeye+ has the following hardware specifications:

  • The acoustic dummy head is a Senheiser MKE 2002.
  • The two microphones are plugged into the head ears; The microphone signals are sampled at $44100$~Hz.
  • The two PointGrey Grasshopper3 camera units with a Sony Pregius IMX174 CMOS sensor of size 1.2″ x 1″. The cameras  are equipped with  Kowa 6~mm wide-angle lenses; They deliver 1920 x 1200 color pixels at 25 FPS. Each camera-lens unit has a horizontal x vertical field of view of 97˚ x 80˚.
  • The cameras and the microphones are connected to a PC-Linux; The images and signals are finely synchronized using time stamps delivered by the computer’s internal clock. This audio-visual synchronization allows Popeye+ to align the visual frames with the audio frames.
dsc03568 sample