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Matlab License Information

Computers with fixed Matlab license

Mathworks website for license management (for registered users only)

Licence number Host Products
972481 mensa basic toolbox
972482 cancer/pc portable P. Mesejo basic toolbox + DSP toolbox + instrument control toolbox
972483 cassiopeia basic+computer vision toolbox
972484 lynx/pollux2 basic+parallel toolbox

basic toolbox

  • Image Processing
  • Optimization
  • Signal Processing
  • Statistics

How to install/use the fixed Matlab products

Make sure your matlab files are in the local_scratch of your machine.

  • ssh computer_name
  • cd /scratch/your_computer_name/path_to_file
  • matlab

Matlab is ran on the computer you are connected on (by ssh) and the working folder in Matlab is path_to_file on your computer.

Warning : These license are single use. You won’t be able to use it if someone else is currently running it.

Information on installation for Ubuntu > 15.04

If you are using a PC with Ubuntu version > 15.04, make sure once Matlab is installed
to delete the file : PATH_TO_MATLAB_INSTALLATION/sys/os/glnx64/
Otherwise, you will get a crash error when launching matlab.