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(closed) Master Project: Spatio-temporal fusion of range and stereo data for high-quality depth sequences

Short Description High-quality depth sequences are required by lots of applications such as 3DTV and film industry. The current range cameras are based on time of flight (TOF) and provide either low-resolution (e.g. Mesa SR4000) or mid-resolution (e.g. Kinect 2) depth maps. Commonly, these cameras are used along with a stereoscopic pair of color cameras …

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(closed) Master Project: Visual Action Recognition with Fisher-Kernel Encoding of Time Series

Short Description In this project we address the problem of recognizing human actions in a video sequence. Unlike previous approaches, we aim at developing a method able to continuously recognize and segment actions. For this purpose a per-frame rather than a per-video representation is needed. This means that the data (short videos) are represented as …

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Skeletal Quads

Please find at the link below the code of Skeletal Quad descriptor. It is a local skeleton descriptor that encodes the relation of joint quadruples. Download Skeletal Quad code from HERE

Joint registration of multiple point sets

Please find here the code of the JRMPC (Joint registration of multiple point clouds) algorithm (ECCV 2014)

Image Alignment Toolbox (IAT)

  Image Alignment Toolbox is maintained by Georgios Evangelidis. IAT concerns with image alignment algorithms and the tools thereof. Find more at