PhD Defense of Elvis Dohmatob

Will take place on Tuesday, Sept 26th in Neurospin amphitheater. The thesis is entitled “Enhancement of functional brain connectome analysis by the use of deformable models in the estimation of spatial decompositions of the brain images”,

and the committee includes:

  • John Ashburner
  • Gabriel Peyré
  • Moritz Grosse-Wentrup
  • Marc Schoenauer
  • G. Varoquaux et B.Thirion (supervisers)

See you there !


Euroscipy 2017 ( is taking place at Erlangen Germany, Aug 28-Sept 1st, with very active participation from Parietal fellows:

  • [Aug 29th] Scipy Tutorial by G. Varoquaux
  • [Aug 28th] Scikit-Learn Tutorial by O. Grisel
  • [Aug 28th] Pandas Tutorial by J. van de Bossche
  • [Aug 28th] Python Tutorial by G.Lemaitre
  • [Aug 30th] presentation of GeoPandas by J. van de Bossche
  • [Aug 31st] presentation of imbalanced-learn by G.Lemaitre
  • [Aug 31st] Tricks for Efficient Multicore Computing by O.Grisel

See you there !


Great presentations from Parietal at Scipy 2017:

  • MNE-python and pyhrf at the neuroscience track on July 12th
  • Keynote by Gael Varoquaux on July 13th

More info here: