Yannick’s defense on April 21

Yannick will defend his PhD thesis entitled “Large-scale functional MRI analysis to
accumulate knowledge on brain functions.” at Neurospin on April 21st.

The committee will comprise:

  • Tor D. Wager
  • Finn A. Nielsen
  • Yves Burnod
  • Simon Eickhoff
  • J.-B. Poline
  • G. Varoquaux
  • B. Thirion

Meta-analysis workshop: April 21-22 at Neurospin

We are pleased to invite you to the two-day workshop on NeuroImaging meta-analysis methods, that will be held at Neurospin, Saclay, France, on April 21-22. This workshop will be an opportunity to review current developments on data sharing in functional neuroimaging, the joint analysis of multiple neuroimaging datasets and machine learning tools dedicated to this aim. Registration is free but mandatory. Please see  http://nimeta.sciencesconf.org/ for more information.