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I am a postdoctoral researcher active in the field of cognitive neuroscience. My research interests lie on the investigation of neural networks in the human brain involved in high-cognitive functions, using fMRI. Particularly, I have worked in past on the topics of musical improvisation and creative thinking, among other aspects related to music cognition.

I am currently working on the Individual Brain Charting (IBC) project, a collaborative ten-year consortium of several research groups based at Neurospin (CEA, Saclay), which is also part of the subproject SP2 – Strategic Human Brain Data of the Human Brain Project. IBC consists on the elaboration of an open access multi-modal database. The platform is planned to integrate foremost high-resolution fMRI maps of the human brain on the performance of canonical tasks. Datasets of high-resolution anatomical images along with diffusion MRI series are also included. The database is complemented by a full description of the behavioral protocols featuring the experiments, plus the corresponding task-related data extracted from each subject. Such protocols comprise a wide variety of task modalities, addressing perceptual processing as well as high-level cognitive functions. The organization of the whole database follows the Brain Imaging Data Structure practice. Future outcomes using IBC datasets include macroscopic functional atlases of the human brain, intending to provide an unambiguous encoding between task descriptors and brain imaging data.


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