Ana Luísa Pinho


About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher active in the field of cognitive neuroscience, with expertise in fMRI-data acquisition and application of statistical methods for neuroimaging data analysis. My research interests lie on the investigation of the neural mechanisms in the human brain involved in high cognition. Particularly, I have worked in past on the topics of musical improvisation and creative thinking, among other aspects related to music cognition.

I am currently working on the Individual Brain Charting (IBC) project, a collaborative ten-years consortium of several research groups based at NeuroSpin, CEA-Saclay. It also takes part of the subproject SP2 – Strategic Human Brain Data – of the Human Brain Project. IBC consists on the elaboration of an open-access dataset that includes high-resolution fMRI maps of the human brain during performance of a wide variety of tasks. This dataset pertains to the elaboration of a macroscopic functional atlas of the human brain entirely dedicated to cognitive mapping. It is thus intended to provide an unambiguous encoding between task descriptors and brain imaging data.


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