Several contributions from the team to the SPARS 2013 workhop (July 8-11, 2013. EPFL, Lausanne) have been accepted:

Blind Calibration for Phase Shifts in Compressive Systems“, C. Bilen, G. Puy, R. Gribonval and L. Daudet

Compressive Gaussian Mixture Estimation“, A. Bourrier, R. Gribonval and P. Pérez

Generalized Null Space and Restricted Isometry Properties“, T. Peleg, R. Gribonval and M. Davies

Unrecoverable subsets by OMP and Basis Pursuit“, C. Soussen, C. Herzet, J. Idier and R. Gribonval

Projection onto the k-Cosparse Set is NP-Hard“, A. Tillmann, R. Gribonval and M. Pfetsch