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Software release: Flexible Audio Source Separation Toolbox (FASST) version 2.2.1

We are pleased to announce a new release [2.2.1] of the Flexible Audio Source Separation Toolbox (FASST), available here: http://bass-db.gforge.inria.fr/fasst/ This release includes bug fixes and updates (easier deployment and use, new separation examples, updates related to third party libraries, IDE/compiler related updates). A release note is available on the website for more details. Please …

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Multi-channel BSS Locate toolbox released

Multi-channel BSS Locate is a Matlab toolbox to estimate direction of arrival (expressed both in azimuth and elevation) of multiple sources in a multi-channel audio signal recorded by an array of microphones. This toolbox implements the previous 8 angular spectrum methods available in BSS Locate toolbox. Matlab toolbox: http://bass-db.gforge.inria.fr/bss_locate/#mbss_locate Online version (no Matlab required): https://allgo.inria.fr/app/multichannelbsslocate