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Invited Speakers

The following speakers have confirmed their participation to the workshop:

  • Sebastien Blandin (IBM Research Collaboratory – Singapore): “A general phase transition model for traffic flow on networks” slides
  • Carlos Canudas de Wit (GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble): “First steps toward a traffic control network”
  • Christian Claudel (KAUST): “MILP-based estimation and control of first order conservation laws: applications to transportation engineering”
  • Mauro Garavello (U. Milano Bicocca): “Various possibilities for solving Riemann problems at junctions”  slides
  • Ingenuin Gasser (U. Hamburg): “Dynamical phenomena induced by bottlenecks” slides
  • Nikolas Geroliminis (EPFL): “Modeling and controlling traffic congestion and propagation in large-scale networks” slides
  • Richard Gibbens (U. Cambridge): “An investigation of proportionally fair ramp metering” slides
  • Simone Goettlich (U. Mannheim): “Traffic light control on road networks”  slides
  • Serge Hoogendoorn (TU Delft): Effective Dynamic Speed Limit Control approaches”
  • Jean-Patrick Lebacque (IFSTTAR): “Generic second order traffic flow models (GSOM)”  slides
  • Ludovic Leclercq (LICIT, ENTPE): “Moving bottlenecks within the three representation of traffic flow: an overview of numerical issues”  slides
  • Régis Monneau (CERMICS – ENPC): “A Hamilton-Jacobi approach to junction problems in traffic”
  • Daniel Work (UI Urbana-Campaign): “Traffic monitoring with smartphones”  slides
  • Michael Zhang (UC Davis): “A fresh look at the role of the fundamental diagram in traffic flow”  slides


Contributed Talks

  • Chikashi Arita (CEA): “Queueing process with excluded-volume effect” slides
  • Raul Borsche (U. Kaiserslautern): “Pedestrians crossing the streets” slides
  • Maya Briani (IAC – CNR): “An easy-to-use numerical approach for simulating traffic flow on networks” slides
  • Julien Cividini (U. Paris Sud): “BML model with open boundary conditions”  slides
  • Guillaume Costeseque (CERMICS – ENPC): “Road junction modelling using a scheme based on Hamilton-Jacobi equation”  slides
  • Emiliano Cristiani (IAC – CNR): “How can macroscopic models reveal self-organization in traffic flow?”  slides
  • Maria Laura Delle Monache (INRIA): “A PDE-ODE model for a junction with ramp buffer”  slides
  • Francesca Marcellini (U. Milano Bicocca): “Two-phase and micro-macro descriptions of traffic flow”  slides
  • Elena Rossi (U. Milano Bicocca): “On the micro-macro limit in traffic flow”  slides  video1  video2
  • Andrea Tosin (IAC – CNR): “Kinetic ODEs modeling vehicular  traffic in time and space” slides



Alexandre Bayen (UC Berkeley): “Welcome to the Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Traffic”  slides

Abstracts can be downloaded here.