Internship Green Building Design 2015

Industrial context :

Modern building industry has to cope with technical aspects of increasing complexity, due to strong economic and social requirements.
Additionally to the traditional structural and fire assessments, the building engineers have to take into account energy cost and environmental impact. The optimal design of buildings with respect to structural safety, fire and hazard propagation, constrained by energy and environmental criteria (as well as green and sustainability labels) turns out to be a challenging problem, from both methodological and computational viewpoints. Modeling and solving such a complex problem by means of efficient multi-objective, multidisciplinary, optimization methods is expected to yield innovative and robust building solutions.

Internship description :

A/ Comprehensive review and analysis of :

– Methods and approaches in building optimal design ; State of the Art and future potential

– Focus on the Building Information Modeling (BIM) and existing tools

– Focus on Building Performance Simulation (BPS) ; multiphysics, computational methods, dedicated solvers

B/ Case study using the tools developed by AC&CS (Liège) ;

– Communication and data flow between BIM and BPS ;

– Integrating the optimization loop to the BIM/BPS system

– Assessment and critical analysis of the tools

C/ Synthetic conclusions&perspective document on the applicability of concurrent optimization
methods to integrated buildings design.

Candidate’s profile

MSc (Master) level in Applied Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering or Scientific Computing.
Experience in Computational Mechanics, optimization, Partial Differential Equations.
Matlab, freefem++ or equivalent, a programming language (c/c++, python)

Main Locations

Batiment LB4
ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer
13776 Fos-sur-Mer Cedex France

INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée
Opale Project-Team
2004 route des lucioles
06902 Sophia-Antipolis France

Mission locations
CRM Group, Leuven

(regular missions from Fos/Mer to Sophia Antipolis and Leuven)

Salary and Duration
Average net salary of 1200€/month
6 months starting from February 2015


Inria : Abderrahmane Habbal

ArcelorMittal : Stéphane Jimenez

—————— END —————-