On this page you will find the details about the team seminars and the babel talks.


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Team Seminars

The team hosts seminars for people both inside and outside of the team to come and talk about their research. You can find the slides on when they are available.

List of seminars

Babel Talks

We sometime organize some short talks preceding or following classical scientific talks. The goal is to allow people from different horizons in the team to share an experience in a personal, subjective way. You can find the slides on The following Babel Talks where conducted:

    • Doha by Soudip Roy Chowdhury on March 21st 2014
    • Italy by Francesca Bugiotti on March 28th 2014
    • Almería and Spain by Jesús Camacho Rodriguez and Juan Álvaro Muñoz Naranjo on April 4th 2014
    • Sarajevo by Šejla Čebirić on May 13th 2014
    • Romania by Alexandra Roatis on May 23rd 2014

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