Inria project leader

University team leader

  • Nicole Bidoit (Professor at Univ. Paris-Sud, associate team leader), office: PCRI/S 265


Associated team members

Technical assistant

  • Maeva Jeannot, office: PCRI/S 267 (currently on leave), Tien Bui (office in the Turing building)

PhD Students

Post Doc

  • Francesca Bugiotti, office: PCRI/S 274
  • Alessandro Solimando, office: PCRI/S 273


  • Oscar Mendoza, office: PCRI/S 266
  • Swen Ribeiro, office: PCRI/S 263


  • Javier Letelier, office: PCRI/S 263

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Where have they gone?

Recent OAK graduates: Guillaume Chelfi, intern in 2015, starting September 2015 as a data engineer at Kpler. Benjamin Djahandideh, engineer in 2013-2015, starting Aug 2015 as an engineer at Mosaic Finance Soudip Roy Chaudhury, post-doc in 2013-2015, starting July 2015 as an engineer at Internet Memory Research Francesca Bugiotti, post-doc in 2013-2015, starting March 2015 …