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Armin Roth: Efficient Query Answering in Peer Data Management Systems

13:30, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract Peer Data Management Systems (PDMS) consist of a volatile set of peers. Each of them answers queries against its own schema by exploiting both local data and by passing queries to neighboring peers along so-called schema mappings. PDMS are highly flexible due to their decentral nature, but query answering …

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Yannis Papakonstantinou: Ajax-based Report Pages as Incrementally Rendered Views

By Yannis Papakonstantinou, UC San Diego Joint work with Yupeng Fu, Keith Kowalczykowski, Kian Win Ong, Kevin Keliang Zhao 14:00, Room G008 (Parc Club) Abstract While Ajax-based programming enables faster performance and higher interface quality over pure server-side programming, it is demanding and error prone as each action that partially updates the page requires custom, ad-hoc …

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Wael Khemiri: EdiFlow: data-intensive interactive workflows for visual analytics

14:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract Visual analytics aims at combining interactive data visualization with data analysis tasks. Given the explosion in volume and complexity of scientific data, e.g. associated to biological or physical processes, social networks etc., visual analytics is called to play an important role in scientific data management. Most visual analytics platforms, …

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The ViP2P team: ViP2P: system and architecture

15:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract ViP2P is a fully functional Java-based platform for the efficient, scalable management of XML documents in structured peer-to-peer networks based on distributed hash table (DHT) indices. We exploit indices (or materialized views) deployed in the P2P network independently by the peers, to answer an interesting dialect of tree pattern queries. There is …

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Dario Colazzo: Projection-based optimization for XML updates

14:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract XML projection is one of the main adopted optimization techniques for reducing memory consumption in XQuery  in-memory engines. The main idea behind this technique is quite simple: given a query Q over an XML document D,  instead of evaluating Q on D, the query Q is evaluated on a …

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Fabian Suchanek: YAGO & SOFIE: Automated Construction of a Large Ontology

14:00, Room G008 (Parc Club) Abstract This talk will present YAGO. YAGO is a large ontology, which currently contains more than 2 million entities and close to 20 million facts about them. The talk will explain how the ontology was constructed automatically from Wikipedia and WordNet. The talk will also introduce the SOFIE project. SOFIE …

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Amélie Marian: Beyond the Stars: Improving Rating Predictions using Review Text Content

14:00, Room G008 (Parc Club) Abstract Online reviews are an important asset for users deciding to buy a product, see a movie, or go to a restaurant, as well as for businesses tracking user feedback. However, most reviews are written in a free-text format, and are therefore difficult for computer systems to understand, analyze, and …

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Sihem Amer-Yahia: I’ll Have What She’s Having: Recommendations on Social Content Sites

14:00, Room G008 (Parc Club) Abstract We examine the challenges behind recommendations in social content sites. We use collaborative tagging sites (think del.icio.us, YouTube and Yahoo!Travel) as our application and report on our experiments in harvesting the collective tagging behavior to serve relevant content (think URLs, videos, travel destinations) to users. We address well-known and …

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Konstantinos Karanasos: View Selection for Efficient and Scalable RDF Data Management

joint work with Francois Goasdoue and Ioana Manolescu Abstract The view selection problem consists of choosing, given a set of queries, a set of views to materialize, in order to minimize the total cost of evaluating these queries and of maintaining the views. Several variants of the problem exist, encompassing the existence of a possible …

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Dimitri Theodoratos: Processing and Efficient Evaluation of Generalized Tree-Pattern Queries

14:00, Room G008 (Parc Club) Abstract Current applications export and exchange XML data on the web. Usually, XML data are queried using keyword queries or using the standard structured query language XQuery whose core consists of the navigational query language XPath. In this context, one major challenge is the querying of the data when the …

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