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We have moved to PCRI

Our new office address is: Universite de Paris Sud, batiment 650 (PCRI), Rue Noetzlin, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette. See our new contact info.

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Zoltan Miklos: From problem decompositions to semantic interoperability: a journey between databases and artificial intelligence

14:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract Evaluating conjunctive queries over a relational database is a central problem of database theory. This problem is also closely related to constraint satisfaction problems in artificial intelligence. We discuss decomposition methods, that are an efficient ways to cope with the computational intractability of these problems. Then we discuss semantic …

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Melanie Herschel: TLM – Transformation Lifecycle Management

14:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract Tout les jours, de vastes volumes de données sont traités, copiés, et transformés. Le développement et la vérification sémantique de telles transformations de données est, pour l’instant, souvent une tâche manuelle qui ne suit pas une systématique précise. De plus, une transformation de données doit souvent être modifiée au …

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Marcos Vaz Salles: A Database Approach to Programming Large-Scale Behavioral Simulations

14:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract In many scientific domains, researchers are turning to large-scale behavioral simulations to better understand important real-world phenomena. These phenomena emerge as the result of a myriad interactions among large numbers of interdependent agents in a complex system, such as a transportation network or an ecological system. While there has …

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Matteo Magnani: Data management with uncertainty

14:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract The representation of imperfection has always been a major issue in the field of database management. It is in fact well recognized that if we cannot represent imperfection, such as missing, imprecise and uncertain values, we risk to lose much valuable information. Object of the talk will be the …

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Gerard de Melo: Large-Scale Data Integration Techniques for Knowledge about Words and Entities

11:00, Room G008 (Parc Club) Abstract An increasing number of applications are making use of explicit knowledge about words and the entities they represent. This talk presents three data integration methods to obtain such knowledge. The first involves learning models to disambiguate word meanings. The second reconciles equivalence and distinctness information about entities from multiple …

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PhD defense of Pierre Bourhis

14:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) “On the dynamics of active documents for distributed data management” Abstract One of the major issues faced by Web applications is the management of evolving of data. In this thesis, we consider this problem and in particular the evolution of active documents. Active documents is a formalism describing the evolution …

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Hyunjung Park: SIGMOD 2010 Programming Contest

14:00, Room G008 (Parc Club) Abstract Student teams have competed to build a distributed query engine in the SIGMOD 2010 Programming Contest. In this talk, I will describe the task briefly and present the winning system. Specifically, I will cover the design choices and implementation issues for the query planner and executor. Also, I will …

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Serge Abiteboul et al.: AXART – Enabling Collaborative Work with AXML Artifacts

By Serge Abiteboul, Pierre Bourhis, Alban Galland and Bogdan Marinoiu 15:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract The workflow models have been essentially operation-centric for many years, ignoring almost completely the data aspects. Recently, a new paradigm of data-centric workflows, called business artifacts, has been introduced by Nigam and Caswell. We follow this approach and propose …

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Mauro Sozio: Efficient Distributed Algorithms for Replication in P2P Networks and Large-Scale Information Extraction

14:00, Room N107 (Parc Club) Abstract This talk shall consist of two parts. In the first part, we shall deal with the problem of replicating data items in an unstructured peer-to-peer network. We present a simple distributed greedy algorithm aiming at optimizing the probability of successfully retrieving the requested items. This is the first work …

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