Cristina Sirangelo: Querying incomplete data

When: Thursday, March 12, at 10.30
Where: PCRI building, room 445

Who: Cristina Sirangelo, École Normale Supérieure de Cachan
Title: Querying incomplete data

Data is incomplete when it contains missing/unknown information, or more generally when it is only partially available, e.g. because of restrictions on data access.

Incompleteness is receiving a renewed interest as it is naturally generated in data interoperation, a very common framework for today’s data-centric applications. In this setting data is decentralized, needs to be integrated from several sources and exchanged between different applications. Incompleteness arises from the semantic and syntactic heterogeneity of different data sources.

Querying incomplete data is usually an expensive task. In this talk we survey on the state of the art and recent developments on the tractability of querying incomplete data, under different possible interpretations of incompleteness.

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