Asterios Katsifodimos: Scalable View-based Techniques for Web Data : Algorithms and Systems

16.30, room 435, PCRI

XML was recommended by W3C in 1998 as a markup language to be used by device- and system-independent methods of representing information. XML is nowadays used as a data model for storing and querying large volumes of data in database systems. In spite of significant research and systems development, many performance problems are raised by processing very large amounts of XML data.

Materialized views have long been used in databases to speed up queries. Materialized views can be seen as precomputed query results that can be re-used to evaluate (part of) another query, and have been a topic of intensive research, in particular in the context of relational data warehousing.

In this talk we will investigate the applicability of materialized view-based techniques to optimize the performance of Web data management tools, in particular in distributed settings, considering XML data and queries.

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