Pitch based source separation techniques and distant speech recognition

Juan Cordovilla (post-doc, projet voiceHome)

Date: May 21st 2015

Abstract: In this presentation I will talk about different topics of my research career basically related to the area of Robust Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).
1) Asymmetric windows for spectral estimation.
2) The use of the pitch to estimate: the noise (tunneling techniques), the clean signal (comb filtering and sifting autocorrelation) or the
missing data mask (harmonicity).
3) Comparison of pitch based techniques their limits. Finally and related to my previous postdoc in Austria, we will analyze some blocks, as well as their interaction, of a “voice home control” system. These blocks are: Voice Activity Detection, Room Localization, ASR and Dialog Manager. Further information can be found at:
http://www.ugr.es/~jamc/ <http://www.ugr.es/%7Ejamc/>