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Lucy Viewer

Lucy Viewer is an interactive viewing software for 4D models, i.e, dynamic three-dimensional scenes that evolve over time. Each 4D model is a sequence of meshes with associated texture information, in terms of images captured from multiple cameras at each frame. Such data is available from the 4D repository website hosted by Inria Grenoble.

Contact: Edmond Boyer

Multilinear correspondence optimization for 3D faces

This code jointly optimizes a multilinear model and the registration of the 3D scans used for training. On this page, the optimized face models can also be downloaded.

Contact: Stefanie Wuhrer

Robust multilinear model learning framework for 3D faces

This code learns a multilinear model of high quality from a database with missing data, partial data, and erroneous correspondence information. On this page, the optimized face models can also be downloaded.

Contact: Stefanie Wuhrer


3DtLaplace computes a discrete 3D+t Laplace operator for temporally mesh sequences. The code is written in Python.

Contact: Victoria Fernández Abrevaya

CVT Generator

The CVT Generator is a program to build Centroidal VoronoiTessellations (CVTs) of any 3D meshes and implicit surfaces. It is written in C++ using CGAL and libLBFGS. It can be compiled into either a standalone program or a library for linking with other programs.

Contact: Li Wang


Data sets

4D Repository

The 4drepository aims to disseminate the data acquired with the GRImage multi-camera platform, hosted at Inria Grenoble, France.

It also seeks to be a common repository for dynamic mesh-sequences acquired from similar platforms elsewhere in the world.

Contact: Edmond Boyer

Dressed human bodies in motion dataset

Benchmark containing 6 different subjects performing 3 motions in 3 different clothing styles each.

Contact: Jinlong Yang

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