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Design and optimization of complex forecasting systems

Forecasting geophysical systems require complex models, which sometimes need to be coupled, and which make use of data assimilation.

Processing of heterogeneous data

Earth observations from space have provided us with an important source of information for several decades. Up to now this information has been used in more of a qualitative than quantitative way. An important avenue of research is therefore the assimilation of single images and sequences of images, which is of potential interest for numerous applications. This objective requires complex image processing and new data assimilation schemes.

Quantification of uncertainties

Given the present strong development of forecast systems in geophysics, the ability to provide an estimate of the uncertainty of the forecast is of course a ma jor issue. However, the systems under consideration are very complex, and providing such an estimation is very challenging. Several mathematical approaches are possible, using either variational or stochastic tools.

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