We are an Inria team doing research at the intersection between statistics, machine-learning, signal processing with the ambition to impact neuroscience and neuroimaging research. Additionally MIND is supported by CEA and affiliated with NeuroSpin, the largest neuroimaging facility in France dedicated to

ultra-high magnetic fields.

The MIND team is a spin-off from the Parietal team, located in Inria Saclay and in CEA Saclay.

We are regularly looking for interns, PhD students and postdocs!

Research directions

The team is focused on core methodological developments:

  • Machine learning for inverse problems
  • Heterogeneous Data & Knowledge Bases
  • Statistics and causal inference in high dimension
  • Machine Learning on spatio-temporal signals

and application domains

  • Population modeling, large-scale predictive modeling
  • Mapping cognition & brain networks
  • Modeling clinical endpoints using multimodal neuroimaging techniques
  • From brain images and bio-signals to quantitative biology and physics


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