Recruitment for 2-year Starting Research Position

The INRIA Mimetic team has the possibility of funding a 2-year Starting Research Position (SRP) in Rennes, France.

The research topic is fully open to all scientific challenges addressed by the Mimetic team: in particular

  • Human motion analysis through the design of innovative protocols to capture and enhance knowledge on motion control in complex situations,
  • Autonomous virtual humans through the design of elaborate motions strategies and behaviors in virtual environments, and
  • Physical activity in Virtual Reality where VR is coupled with human motion simulations to carry out controlled experiments.

The conducted research should also address one of the following domains: Sports (performance, evaluation, training), Ergonomics (assessment, work drudgery, workstation improvement), Health (assessment, rehabilitation), Simulation (motion behaviors, planning, navigation, cinematography and storytelling).

SRP positions are dedicated to excellent researchers with a PhD in computer science or strongly related to the MimeTIC research topics, and 2 to 8 years of experience after the PhD without limitation in age or nationality. The selection will be based on the scientific quality of the candidate and his potential in developing joint research with members of the Mimetic team.


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