HDR: Julien Pettré

Julien Pettré will be defending is HDR on June 25th. More details will be coming soon.

Location: Inria-Rennes, Campus de Beaulieu, Métivier room

Time: 3pm


Crowd simulation was born from the need to understand, predict or imitate the behavior of real crowds. Applications are numerous, ranging from the architectural design of buildings aimed at hosting public to populating the background of virtual scenes for the movie industry.

In the aim of computing crowd motions, simulators model crowds as a whole, in analogy with kinetic theory of gases for example, or as a complex system of individual agents. Our research has developed this latter category of so-called microscopic approaches. Our work has focused on: i) the experimental study of local interactions between walking individuals during collision avoidance or following tasks for example, ii) the design of numerical models of local interactions and of new crowd simulation algorithms, iii) new methods for evaluating simulation results in comparison with real kinematics data, and finally iv) applications to the entertainment industry, by designing efficient techniques to populate virtual scenes of high dimensions.

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