Parietal@Brainhack 2016: lots of good stuff for Nilearn !

The Paris 2016 Brainhack has been an opportunity for a demonstration of the visualization capabilities of Nilearn and many improvements: better visualization, better examples. In particular, we are getting an example on seed-based correlation, for instance for resting-state, and an encoding example, mapping receptor fields in the visual cortex.

Some longer terms projects have started, such as surface-based visualization and GLM API discussions (currently in Nistats).

Stay tuned for the next release!

Meet metaMRI at NIPS this year.

We will be presenting our recent work on the joint analysis of rest and task fMRI in Montreal.

Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing

Comments Sought on Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing (COBIDAS) White Paper, to which R. Poldrack and B. Thirion hhave contributed. More information here.


MetaMRI at the Nilearn/PyMNE coding sprint in Paris in July 2015

Software development is indeed an essential task for us. More information can be found here.

MetaMRI is organizing the second Stamlins workshop

Stamlins is an ICML workshop dedicated to neuroimaging for neuroimaging. Please find more information at

MetaMRI at the BIS workshop

A coding sprint has been organized in Berkeley on May 13th, 2015.

Thank to J.-B. Poline and L. Estève for the organization. More information here.

MetaMRI has animated the Nimeta workshop

At Paris, on April 21-22, 2015.

More details can be found at