The team has three main research directions:

  1. Statics in random media
    1. quantitative stochastic homogenization theory
    2. localization/delocalization properties in random environments
    3. rigorous derivation on nonlinear elasticity theory from polymer physics
    4. statistical physics at T=0
  2. Dynamics in random media
    1. quenched invariance principles for random processes
    2. Schrödinger equation with random potentials or random initial data
    3. stochastic homogenizaton of Allen-Cahn or Ginzburg-Landau functionals
    4. non-equilibrium statistical mechanics
  3. Numerics in random media
    1. physically-based constitutive laws for rubber
    2. diffusion in heterogeneous media
    3. Schrödinger equation with random potentials and random data