Fluid Structure Interaction

Fluid structure interaction

  1. Incompressible flows

    We have modeled and simulated the interactions between elastic bodies and wake flows or waves. The bodies are considered are to be (linear) elastic Bernoulli beams. The multiphase flows is computed thanks to Continuous Surface Force method.

    • First example: “the dead fish problem”

    We consider here the interaction of a dead fish located in the wake generated by a half cylinder. An experience in the literature shows that under some given configuration the dead fish is able to swim. We tried to reproduce this in a numerical set-up.

    “Good” elastic parameters: synchronization with the wake


    “Bad” elastic parameters: no┬ásynchronization with the wake


    • Second example

    We simulated a wave energy extractor that is an elastic structure deforming due to the ocean waves, like http://www.emec.org.uk/about-us/wave-clients/pelamis-wave-power.


  2. Compressible materials

    We are able to model shock-bubble interactions, impacts and rebounds of hyper-elastic solids immersed in a fluid thanks to the compressible multimaterial method.

    • Two-dimensional rebound

    We show an impact simulation between a 800m/s projectile impinging a shield. Both solids are hyper-elastic materials (copper) immersed in air.


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