Séminaire McTAO : Ariadna Farrés (NASA, University of Maryland at College Park)

On the Geometry and Dynamics of Station-Keeping around Libration Point Orbits

Ariadna Farrés (NASA, University of Maryland at College Park)

Jeudi 27 janvier 2022, 11:00, en ligne.

Abstract. Libration Point orbits have become relevant in space applications, as the regions around the L1 and L2 points in the Circular Restricted Three-Body (CRTBP) are ideal for space weather missions like the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) or deep space observations like the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). It is well known that Libration point orbits are unstable and require routine station-keeping maneuvers to remain in orbit. Different strategies have been proposed to deal with this problem, each of them with different objective functions. In this talk, we want to describe the geometry behind some of these strategies making use of the Floquet reference frame. We focus on two different strategies: the widely used by NASA approach, x-axis velocity constraint at the plain crossing, and the approach developed by the Dynamical System group in Barcelona in the 80’s, the Floquet mode approach. As we will see, both approaches have some basic geometrical common features.

This is a joint work with Josep J. Masdemont, Gerard Gomez, Chen Gao, David C. Folta and Cassandra Webster