PGMO days 2018 – Mini-symposia “Optimal control and applications I and II”. EDF lab Paris-Saclay, Nov. 20-21, 2018

MS “Optimal control and applications I and II”

PGMO days 2018

Organized by J.-B. Caillau (Nice) and H. Zidani (Saclay)

Multi-objective control problems
Ana-Paula Chorubura (Univ. Parana)

Robust bang-bang control through redundancy
Thomas Haberkorn (Orléans)

Real-time optimal control of aerospace systems with state-control constraints and delays
Bruno Hérissé (Onera)

Inverse optimal control
Sofya Maslovskaya (ENSTA ParisTech)

Planar curves of minimum length with bounded curvature and applications to marine seismic operations

Thomas Mensch and Timothée Moulinier (CGG)

Feature selection in flight optimization
Cedric Rommel (Saclay)