Offres d’emploi

  • Proposition de thèse en optimisation stochastique du revenu

    A PhD position in the Maxplus team to work on the pricing of data mobile phone trafic with techniques of large scale stochastic optimization and stochastic networks, in collaboration with Orange Labs, is opened. This subject is adapted to an applicant with a taste for optimization, algorithmics, data analysis and mathematical modelling. Contact: Stephane.Gaubert AT and Marianne.Akian AT

  • Thèses INRIA

    Some PhD fellowships are attributed every year by INRIA after a competitive procedure.

    For 2015, potential applicants with an outstanding academic background interested the research topics of the Maxplus team may contact Stephane.Gaubert AT or Marianne.Akian AT, to check the suitability of their application in this team, early enough before the final deadline (April-May).

    More details on these fellowships appear on the general INRIA web site. In particular, these fellowships are reserved to students who did not do their Master studies locally (in the case of the Maxplus team, this excludes Master students from Paris), since other fellowships might be available for local students.

  • Postdocs INRIA

    A number of post-doc positions funded by the French ministery of research are attributed by INRIA after a competitive procedure every year. The campaign is finished for 2015, but new post-doc opportunities might be offered in 2016. Consult the general INRIA web site for more information on this campaign.

    If your scientific interests meet some of those of the Maxplus team (max-plus or tropical algebra, Perron-Frobenius theory, optimal control and games, Hamilton-Jacobi PDE, discrete mathematics, mathematical aspects of Operations Research…), and if you are interested by a post-doc position in our team, you are welcome to contact Stephane.Gaubert AT or Marianne.Akian AT Applicants having obtained a PhD outside France are particularly encouraged.

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