MathNeuro seminar (Jeff Moehlis, UC Santa Barbara)

Prof. Jeff Moehlis (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)

Title: Better Living Through Control: With Applications to Neural and Cardiac Systems
Abstract: Some brain disorders are hypothesized to have a dynamical origin; in particular, it has been been hypothesized that some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are due to pathologically synchronized neural activity in the motor control region of the brain. We have developed a procedure for determining an optimal electrical deep brain stimulus which desynchronizes the activity of a group of neurons by maximizing the Lyapunov exponent associated with their phase dynamics, work that could lead to an improved method for treating Parkinson’s disease. ┬áThe use of related control methods for treating other medical disorders, including cardiac arrhythmias, will also be briefly discussed.
May 2nd, 2PM, Lagrange “Gris” L101

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