Solal Perrin-Roussel

Solal Perrin-Roussel


1st year Phd Student: Mathematical and numerical analysis for electronic structure.

Supervisors: Éric Cancès (CERMICS, ENPC) & David Gontier (CEREMADE, DAUPHINE PSL).

Affiliations: CERMICS, École des Ponts ParisTech & Inria, team MATHERIALS.

CV: resume (english version) ; CV (version française).

Contact: solal (dot) perrin (dash) roussel (at) inria (dot) fr


Interests :
  • Spectral theory and semiclassical analysis in moiré materials.
Contributions :
Papers :
  • Gontier, D., Monaco, D., & Perrin-Roussel, S. (2022). Symmetric Fermi projections and Kitaev’s table: Topological phases of matter in low dimensions. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 63(4), 041902. arXiv link
Teaching :
  • 1st semester 2022-2023: Supervision of a working group on Mathieu Lewin’s book Théorie spectrale et
    mécanique quantique (M1 students), École Normale Supérieure, Paris.
  • 2nd semester 2022-2023: Tutorials of the Mathematical Modelling lecture by Bertrand Maury (M1
    students), École Normale Supérieure, Paris.

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