Grégoire Ferré

Grégoire Ferré

My new webpage has moved here.


PhD: efficient sampling methods for nonequilibrium systems in statistical physics.

Supervisor: Gabriel Stoltz




Co-organizer of the working group of young researchers in Statistical Physics and Interactions (J-PSI). See the web page of the group here.

Talks in seminars:

IPAM, UCLA, Los Angeles, Understanding Many-Particle Systems with Machine Learning, 2016, Young Researchers’ Talk. Learning potential energy landscapes with localized graph kernels. Slides

IHP, Paris, Stochastic Dynamics Out of Equilibrium, 2017, Young Researchers’ Seminar. Error estimates for Feynman-Kac semi-groups. Slides

ICTS, Bengalore, Large deviations theory in statistical physics, recent advances and future challenges, Error estimates for Feynman-Kac semi-groups. Video


A basic implementation of the GRAPE algorithm, with application to fitting the atomization energy of the QM7 database, is available on Git at this address The QM7 database is available on this webpage


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