Graph-based Learning and Graph Mining

[ INRIA joint research program “RSS North-European Team : UCL-Aalto-Lille” ]

June 16-17, 2016

Inria Lille – Nord Europe (Building “B”, room “Amphithéâtre”)
Parc scientifique de la Haute Borne 40, avenue Halley – Park Plaza
59 650 Villeneuve d’Ascq

This workshop focuses on Machine Learning and Data Mining on Networked Data and related topics.
This event is intended to create an atmosphere of exchange of ideas as well as present and discuss new scientific contributions related to these topics.

Invited speakers:

June 16th (2pm-6pm):

  • 2pm Claudio Gentile (University of Insubria – Varese, Italy), “Delay and Cooperation in Nonstochastic Bandits”.
  • 2.40pm Jan Ramon (INRIA Lille Nord Europe – France), “Bounds for Learning from Evolutionary-Related Data in the Realizable Case”.
  • 3.20pm Géraud Le Falher (INRIA Lille Nord Europe – France), “Edge Sign Prediction in Social Networks”.
  • —Coffee Break—
  • 4.40pm Michal Valko (INRIA Lille Nord Europe – France), “Faster Graph Bandit Learning using Information about the Neighbors”.
  • 5.20pm Stephen Pasteris (University College London), “A Time and Space Efficient Junction Tree Architecture”
  • 8pm —Dinner—

June 17th (2pm-6pm):

  • 2pm Nikolaj Tatti (Aalto University – Helsinki, Finland), “Efficiently Discovering Hierarchies in Directed Graphs”.
  • 2.40pm Paul Vanhaesebrouck (INRIA Lille Nord Europe – France), “Decentralized Learning of Local Models”.
  • —Coffee Break—
  • 4.40pm Mark Herbster (University College London), “Online Learning over Graphs : a Retrospective and Open Problems”.
  • 5.20pm Pierre Dellenbach (INRIA Lille Nord Europe – France), “A Decentralized Protocol for Private Machine Learning over Highly Distributed Data”.