JOSO 2016 — Abstratcs


JOSO 2016
Wave days in South-West
March, 9-11, 2016


Anne-Sophie Bonnet Ben-Dhia, New perspectives offered by overlaps to design transparent boundary conditions in waveguides
Nathalie Raveu, Propagation in waveguides with metamaterial walls
Frédérique Le Louër, Material derivatives of boundary integral operators in electromagnetism and application to inverse scattering problems
Luc Giraud, On some parallel linear algebra tools for wave propagation simulations
Pascal Bruel, Recent developments regarding the simulation of low Mach flows
Louis Gallin, An Efficient Solver for a New Pure-anisotropic Wave Equation
François Alouges, The sparse cardinal sine decomposition and applications
Eric Bouty, Combustion Noise investigation in helicopter engines
Marcus Grote, High-Order Explicit Local Time-Stepping Methods For Wave Propagation
Christophe Geuzaine, Sweeping preconditioner for optimized Schwarz domain decomposition methods applied to the Helmholtz equation
Eric Darrigrand, A generic fast multipoles method library
Francesca Rapetti, High order finite elements in numerical electromagnetism: degrees of freedom and generators in duality
François-Xavier Roux, Efficient implementation of FETI-2LM for antenna arrays
Ilya Peshkov, Nonlinear wave theory for transport phenomena
Sébastien Tordeux, A non-dispersive discontinuous galerkin method to solve the Helmholtz equation in heterogenous media
Lionel Jeanson, Laurent Renard, INT – Volumic rendering
Eric Ducasse, Elastodynamic response of a layered anisotropic plate : comparative approaches. Towards the development of hybrid methods
Marc Bakry, A new a posteriori error estimate for the BEM in 2D- and 3D-acoustics
Sébastien Pernet, Adaptive Post-Processing Method to Represent High-Order Numerical Solutions
Thomas Unfer, MACOPA: a free software toolkit for the simulation of multi-physic, multi-scale transport problems based on asynchronous time integration
David Goudin, High Performance Solution of Dense Linear Systems with Application to Large 3D Electromagnetics Problems on the TERA supercomputer

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