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Fri 19th Apr
11:00 am
12:00 pm
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Seminar Pierre Lermusiaux
Speaker: Pierre Lermusiaux (

Title: Detection of Uncaught Exceptions in Functional Programs by Abstract


Exception handling is a key feature in modern programming languages. Exceptions
can be used to deal with errors, or as a means to control the flow of execution
of a program. Since they might unexpectedly terminate a program, unhandled
exceptions are a serious safety concern. We propose a static analysis to detect
uncaught exceptions in functional programs, that is defined as an abstract
interpreter. It computes a description of the values potentially returned by a
program using a novel abstract domain, that can express inductively defined
sets of values. Simultaneously, the analysis infers the possibly raised
exceptions, by computing in the abstract exception monad. This abstract
interpreter has been implemented as an effective static analyser for a large
subset of OCaml programs, that supports mutable data types, the OCaml module
system, and dynamically extensible data types such as the exception type. The
analyser has been evaluated on several hundreds of OCaml programs.
Fri 5th Apr
10:30 am
11:30 am
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Séminaire Guillaume Lagarde
Titre: Scaling Neural Program Synthesis with Distribution-based Search
In this talk, we will discuss the problem of automatically constructing
computer programs from input-output examples, especially when the
target language is domain-specific and defined using a context-free
grammar. I will introduce a theoretical framework called
distribution-based search, discuss its challenges, and present several
search strategies based on learning the weights of a probabilistic
context-free grammar (PCFG) and then using this PCFG to enumerate the
most promising candidate programs efficiently.
The presentation will be based on the following paper published at
Joint work with Nathanaël Fijalkow, Théo Matricon, Kevin Ellis, Pierre
Ohlmann, Akarsh Potta

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